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Hello and welcome to JENNIFER MEDHURST.

I started my health journey as a result of being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a disorder with the nervous system also know as CFS/ME. The illness had a devastating effect on my life. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without having to take a 2 hour nap, I slept for 14 hours a day, had constantly aching muscles, sore joints, dizziness, unbearable stomach issues, constant headaches and the list goes on. I tried everything conventional medicine had to offer for almost 3 years with little effect on my symptoms, and in some cases the symptoms actually got worse. I was desperate, and would try anything that could potentially help.

One day by chance a friend asked me if I had ever seen homeopathic doctor. Something which until that point I had never considered. So I went to see one. The doctor recommended I cut out yeast and sugar for one month, and then return to see him. After a week of painful headaches and all over general aching, my symptoms started dissipating, and within one month the ailments of 3 years had largely gone. I was completely shocked. How had diet had such a powerful effect on my health? I began researching nutrition and natural healing approaches, then started formulating a new way of eating, this time with health in mind. I gave up anything processed, which was a pretty drastic change for me. While I ate some fruits and vegetables before, my diet mainly revolved around pizza, cheese and ham toasties, Branflakes and an unstoppable craving for banoffie pie and strawberry cheesecake (although for most of my life I had never had a sweet tooth).

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Prior to my illness I never took any interest in cooking, and would happily eat ready meals, or ready anything! One of the most shocking things about my recovery was discovering how much sugar and total rubbish generally is in pre-packaged food. I had never thought to turn the packet over and look at what was actually in the food. Everything you see on this website is as a result of my learning and healing process. I taught myself how to cook and as a consequence there have been a lot of failed experiments, but hopefully you’ll agree some successful ones too. I understand that a change in diet can be quite daunting first. But as you get stronger and feel better I hope you will relish the challenge of being able to help your body work at its best. This journey has been, and still is, about learning to give my body the love it needs to feel the healthiest and happiest I can. I’ve learnt so much through this experience and am keen to share the information with whoever will listen! It’s my way of turning something negative into something positive. If I can help just one person feel better then this is a success. About and Philosophy - Jennifer Medhurst (6) More than anything I want this website to show how easy and delicious healthy food is. When I first started eating for health I found a lot of the recipes pretty boring and tasteless or extremely complicated and expensive. I also felt strongly that you should still be able to indulge from time to time, so I wanted to eat in a way that supported my body so that I could still have the occasional burger or glass of wine and not feel terrible for it. Although you will find in time your cravings for the ‘naughty’ things go away and you actually want the things that are good for you! Still I didn’t want aspirational I wanted realistic. It’s all about training your body for the life you actually lead not the one you think you should. I knew this was the only way I would create a sustainable change. So I set about finding quick, simple, tasty recipes that would provide maximum nutritional punch so my body could cope with all the demands I wanted to place on it. This website is the culmination of what I found out, and continue to find out. CFS cannot be treated by diet alone, but it’s a great starting point.

I graduated from Bristol with an LLB in Law in 2009, after which I worked in Health and Fitness PR before spending a year abroad studying nutrition, and now live in London working on my website as well as with some amazing health brands, so I can be in the best place possible to help make sure you know all the wonderful things that are happening in the health industry.

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